Islands Of Repute Around Micronesia

The islands of Micronesia are superb holiday spots for people who clear skies, blue waters, and warmth. The adventurist in you will also come out on your trip to any of these fantastic isles. The peace and tranquility on some of these little pockets of heaven are beyond description. You can only feel the absolute relaxation that your holiday in Micronesian islands will give you. The friendly nature of the people on these places will make your vacations even more enjoyable.

The reality is that the other group of islands in the Pacific Ocean such as Manila and Honolulu are a lot costlier when compared to the islands in the Federated States of Micronesia. So, if you want to enjoy all the things that the Pacific Ocean has to offer at a reasonable cost, then going to Micronesia will be a prudent strategy.

The most liked and admired islands in Micronesia

The fantastic Pohnpei- It is one of the most widely appreciated islands in entire Federated state of Micronesia and plenty of tourists from across the world visit it every year. The vegetation in Pohnpei is dense and evergreen. As a result, the lusciousness of the greenery is a yearlong phenomenon which is sure to leave you spellbound whenever you travel to Pohnpei. The biodiversity in Pohnpei is also something that you will not believe until you see it by yourself. It is evident that the evergreen vegetation and heavy rainfall all around the year account for the diversity in animal and plant species in Pohnpei.

The art & culture in Pohnpei is also peculiar to the island. It is different in numerous ways from not only other areas of the world but also other parts of Micronesia. The memorabilia that you buy from Pohnpei will be artistic and worth gifting to your friends and family back home. You must also make sure that you do not miss out on the various local drinks such as Sakau. Please make sure that you check out the pictures of Pohnpei Island before you decide to spend your holiday over there.

Some of you might also know that the capital of Micronesia is also on the Pohnpei island. Regarding area, it is the most prominent island in all of Micronesia.

The incredible Yap island- Whenever you talk of places with the ideal mix of modernity and tradition, then you must not forget to name Yap Island in Micronesia. The people and culture in the Yap Island are brilliant and will make your stay valuable.

The yap island also offers numerous other ways to enjoy and have fun during your vacation. If you opt for activities such as Kayaking, then you will not be able to feel the rush of adrenaline but also work out your body. Many people come to the Yap Island so that they can spend their time taking part in various types of adventure sports. The beaches here are pristine and white with endless expanses of sand. If you are a quiet soul, then you should just spend your time sunbathing and witnessing nature at the peak of its glory.

The hiking trails in the Yap Island will also offer you plenty of picturesque sights. If you do not want to exercise your body too much, then you should just walk around lazily on these trails. Gazing upon the wonders of nature will be a terrific way to spend your time and build memories. If you prefer workouts, then mountain biking on the same trail will bring you joy from numerous sources.

Witness nature’s beauty at its best at the Palau Islands- Some people think that Palau is one island in Micronesia, but in reality, it is the name of a group of islands. Some lesser known islands in this group will offer you nature at its serene best. You can set yourself for a magical time if you decide to visit one or two of these islands.

Kiribati: The 33 island wonder- The Kiribati group of islands has three significant subgroups. All the three subgroups have a variety of beautiful things to offer to people visiting these places. If you love fishing, then you should not stay away from these islands. International tourists rate the Kiribati collection of islands as one of the best spots in the world from fishing.

Nauru is one of the most appreciated and admired islands in all of Micronesia. The island does not have a significant population, but the people are welcoming and friendly. Over the past few years, they have become used to international tourists. So, you can rest assured that you will also receive a warm welcome not only by the natural sights but also by the people. Nauru is also small regarding the land area. As a result of the low area, you will not have to spend too much time in traveling the length and breadth of Nauru.

The Kosrae Island is one of the genuinely fabulous islands in Micronesia. The shoreline of Kosrae is among the sights that will present you nature at its very peak. Even in the current age, the shore has retained its natural look and aesthetic appeal. Humans have not yet spoiled the various supremely appealing gifts of nature. If you are an adventure seeker at heart, then you must make sure that you do not miss out on the Kosrae Island. It will offer you many water sports and hiking trails which will amaze you endlessly. A lot of people call it ‘The Sleeping Lady’ because of the relaxed atmosphere at the Kosrae Island.

Other islands such as Satawal and Mokil will also be an excellent choice for you to spend your vacation. The two islands as stated above and many others are not exceptional when it comes to infrastructure. It is because of the lack of readily accessible transport that the number of tourists in these parts is not as many as they should be. But if you can manage your access and transport, then you can experience nature in its purest state.

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