Fantastic Beaches In Micronesia & Guam

Micronesia is a beautiful country with plenty of mesmerizing gifts from Mother Nature. If you have heard about the charm of nature’s creations in Guam, then you must visit not only Guam but other areas of Micronesia as well. On your next trip to Micronesia, you must not miss out on the fabulous expanses of sand in Guam. Beaches around Tumon Bay are breathtakingly beautiful that can soften even the hardest of souls. If you are out on a romantic getaway with your partner, then Micronesia will bring to you sights of extreme beauty, grace and nature’s brilliance at its best. So, be ready to rekindle your spirits and read on to plan out your upcoming holiday in Micronesia.

The majestic nature of Tanguisson and Shark’s Cove
If you are in the mood for hiking, then you do not need to look further than the Tanguisson beach in Guam. People across the world can tell you fabulous stories of the time they spent snorkeling on the Tanguisson beach. Reveling in the beauty of nature is among the many things that you can do to spend your time when you are present at the Tanguisson beach.

It is fair to say that the name and fame of the Tanguisson beach reach far and wide. Many international tourists have sung praises for the Tanguisson beach after they get back to their home country.

Shark’s Cove beach is the ideal spot for you if you want to spend time sunbathing. Reaching the Shark’s Cove beach is a tough task because of the rough and rugged terrain that leads to it. You can also try out various adventure sports at this vast expanse of gorgeous sand. Please make sure that you plan out your activities at the Shark’s Cove beach before you reach here because the considerable range of activities can leave you confused.

You need to hike along the coast for almost an hour if you want to reach it. The hike will give you fabulous views of nature, and you will fall in love with your destination before you reach. If the journey provides you the opportunity to witness so many wonders, then the destination has to be genuinely out of this world. But there is no doubt that you will find the sights worthy of the effort that you have put. Experts will suggest you carry all the pieces of equipment for the adventure sports that you plan to try out.

The mesmerizing beauty of Inarajan Pools Beach and Ritidian Point
If you do not have enough experience with snorkeling but plan to learn its nuances, then the Inarajan Pools Beach is the most fitting spot for you. The waters are not hard to navigate, and you will be safe from the dangers of high waves. The sea does not have many currents, and hence, you can experiment with a lot of fun stuff. It is apt to say that a family outing will be the ideal thing to do at the Inarajan Pools beach. The Mariana Islands boast of some other excellent and resplendent beaches. The combo of sun, sea, and sand that you get at the Inarajan Pools beach will be sufficient for every lover of nature.

The Ritidian point is arguably the finest and most favored beach in all of Guam and perhaps even Micronesia. While judging the finesse and gorgeousness of beaches is a very subjective and extensive task, many people will agree that the Ritidian Point is superbly fabulous. The limestone cliffs around this beach are a sight worth holding the gaze of travelers across the world. The surrounding jungles also bring out nature’s wonders to the forefront for every visitor to behold.

The wonders of Talafofo Beach
People who have visited the Talafofo Beach have fallen in love with it because of its uniqueness. It is completely different from a normal beach because it has more stone than sand. If you go on and draw parallels with the San Francisco Bay, then you will not be wrong at all. The combo of colors at the Talafofo is not something even the best writers will be able to describe with exaction. You need to witness them to genuinely the level of their splendor.

The presence of black stone around the Talafofo Beach provides a unique contrast to the green trees and the amazingly blue sea. Calling the Talafofo Beach ‘breathtakingly beautiful’ will never be an exaggeration. The cable cars Talafofo will allow you to witness the contrasting but resplendent colors in a relatively short time.

Get to know more about the various beaches across Micronesia
· Chuuk is among the favorite beaches in Micronesia where the number of international tourists is slightly less when compared to others. If you want to enjoy the glamour of nature without spending too much money, then the Chuuk Beach is a fitting and apt choice for you. People who like swimming will surely enjoy a lot at the Chuuk Beach. The Chuuk beach is not too far from Weno Town. It will be smart on your part to check out the exact route that you can take to reach Chuuk beach from Weno town.
· Nipik En Lidakihka can also be a fabulous option for those of you who have never been to Micronesia. It is among the very best that Micronesia has to offer. It is safe to say that none of the beaches in Northwest of Micronesia are better than this fantastically beautiful expanse of sand. You can also think about taking part in some fun-filled adventure sports when you are at the Nipik En Lidakihka.
· Pikenkid is one of the most well-known beaches in Southeastern parts of Micronesia. The jungles around this beach are beautiful with a reasonably wide diversity concerning flora and fauna. It deserves one visit on your next trip to Micronesia. Spending time in Southeastern Micronesia will not be very heavy on your pockets either.
· Ununou and Unuso are the most famous beaches in West Micronesia. They receive national as well as international tourists.

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