Popular Tourist Destination Of Micronesia

popular tourist destination of Micronesia

People love to travel to different places around the world for relaxation. There are several tourist gateways where you can excitingly spend your vacation. The Federated States of Micronesia is a famous state which is a group of beautiful islands. Micronesia is known for its stunning beaches and scenic beauty. Here you would know about some of the mesmerizing beaches and popular tourist destination of Micronesia.

Beautiful And Mesmerizing Beaches

Tourists from all over the world must not miss out witnessing some of the mesmerizing beaches of Micronesia. There are several beaches along the coastline of Micronesia. The beaches of Micronesia are the habitat of natural coral reefs, rare species of fish and underwater vegetation.

Popular Tourist Island Of Micronesia

The following are some of the exciting and interesting popular destinations.

Marshall Islands: This Island covers an area of about 2400 miles which includes coral atolls located in the southwest of Hawaii. This is a popular tourist destination which is above a few feets from sea level. This Island is known for adventurous activities including underwater surfing and diving. This famous marshall island is the best dive spot in the world. You can find some of the rare marine life on this island.

Federated States Of Micronesia: FSM is formed by four famous Islands that are mentioned below.

Kosrae: This is a small and quiet island. Tourist visits this destination to witness lush vegetation of the mountains, beautiful coral reefs and scenic beauty of the island. This is a perfect tourist spot for connecting yourself with nature. You can find some of the stunning waterfalls and take parts in activities like surfing and jungle hiking.

Phonepei: This is a lively island with restaurants, movies, halls, bars, and other entertainment activities. Diving is a popular activity on this island.

Chuuk: Chuuk Island attracts divers from all over the world. The lagoon of Chuuk is known for its various shipwrecks that have occurred in the past.

Yap: This is a fascinating island which is known for its rich tradition and culture.

The above are some of the popular tourist destinations of Federated State Of Micronesia.

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