The islands of Micronesia are unique in their way. Each place offers the tourists something different and surprising. These islands are known for their enchanting and mesmerizing beauty. Tourists return to their homes with a lot of memories and sovereigns after a visit to these islands. Due to the technological development, if the tourists do not have enough time to hop on to all the stores, they can go for the option of shopping on Online Jewellery Stores that offer the antiques of Micronesia. provides an insight into the travel and shopping at Micronesia.

On the island of Yap, the crafts and sovereigns are costlier than the other islands of Micronesia,but there are good deals at the Pathways hotel and on the night of local artists. Twice a week, tourists can find cheap options. The Kaday village has very talented artisans. The Yap cooperative association and Blue Lagoon of Colonia are the most significant supermarkets of Yap. Tasty and a variety of drinks are available in both the stores.

The T-shirts and antiques at Kosrae are quite famous and are available at the visitor bureaus and gifts shops of hotels. The artists of Kosrae sell their wares directly from their homes and visit the resorts at the request of the guests. The Kosrae village resort offers excellent options too for shopping. Small stores and art shops can be found all over the island.

Pohnpei is the host of turtle shell jewelry, wooden carvings,and woven wall hangings. All the arts and crafts of Pohnpei are affordable. The streets of Kolonia are famous for shopping. Traditional materials like ivory nuts and mother of pearl shells are used in making jewelry. Men make carvings of dolphins and other animals from mangrove wood. Women wave delicate wall hangings.
Carvings, weavings, traditional skirts and handmade jewelry are famous in the Kapinga village.

The Wall Mart supermarket (Not the one in the U.S.A.) is quite famous in Pohnpei. It is located near the Spanish wall on the site of 1880’s Pohnpei fort. A large number of groceries are available here.

The shops of Micronesia are not open on the Sundays. As the islands have a large number of coconut trees, the coconuts are used as ingredients in shampoos, lotions,and soaps. The love sticks of Chuuk, grass skirts of Yap and model canoes of Pohnpei are the main attractions of Micronesia islands.

The Fin Chuuk and Truk Shop are the most famous shops of Chuuk island,and they are the homes of traditionally carved slender wooden sticks called the Love sticks. The artists of Fefan are experts in making Love sticks. Scuba T-shirts, weaved clothing, handbags and war clubs are also available in the markets of Chuuk.

For a leisure holiday, the islands of Micronesia are the best. The islands also attract adventure sports lovers who love scuba diving, deep sea fishing, rafting, kayaking, hiking, parasailing, snorkeling, biking,etc. the local cuisine is mouthwatering and tingles the taste buds. Flora and fauna offer the best outdoor camping options.

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