Micronesia – The Land Enclosing Magnificent Island

paradise islands of Micronesia

Micronesian Islands encloses a wide spread of many islands put together in the Pacific making it the most spectacular area in the world for diving. The islands consists of wonderful beaches filled with richness of tradition and culture, beautiful warmth in people, variety in both plant and animal kinds and a serene environment makes this place a best option for a beautiful holiday.

The Micronesian Islands

1. Pohnpei

Pohnpei is the capital of Micronesia bursting with tradition. Mountains covered with mist, organic vegetation, high marine life, waterfalls, etc spread across the island. This is considered as the divers best choice for deep diving adventure. It is famous for a local drink called Sakau.

2. Yap

Overflowing with lush history and culture, the island is suffocated with nature and traditional culture combined with contemporary practices. Known for local dance, sandy beach, deep-sea fishing, etc., is also accompanied by the warmness experienced from the local people.

3. Palau

Natural phenomena are the key factor seen in this island of Micronesia. This island has about 200 untouched islands that is bounded by beautiful turquoise blue water and magnificent backdrops. Again diving takes the primary activity space. Snorkeling, mountain biking, kayaking, etc are also a few more activities to mention.

4. Kiribati

Collaborating about 33 islands, Kiribati becomes part of Micronesian Islands. Beautiful clear waters and a mystic filled nature in land also enclose these islands. Bird watching is another unique activity associated with this island. The habitants use natural sources of raw materials found in the island to make their houses.

Island Hopping with Kayaks

Running Around Nauru5. Nauru

The habitants are very warm and welcoming. The island has the lowest population filled with amazing natural beauty and attractive views. Cliffs and shipwrecks, old mining remains are some of the highpoints of the island.

6. Chuuk

Island is filled with migratory birds and lush green agricultural terrains. The most important attraction is the wild orchids that bloom in the rugged areas of the island. Using Kayak, one can move from one island to the other. Surrounded by beautiful reefs, lagoons and windsurfing the harbor of these islands also preserve the shipwrecks from WWII.

7. Kosrae

Bluish green water surrounds this island with tropical countryside and amazing natural fragrant air. Kosrae is considered as the perfect holiday spot and the second largest island in all of Micronesian Islands. The other name for Kosrae is known as “The Sleeping Lady”.

Thus all of these 7 Islands put together form a beautiful chain of Islands surrounded by crystal clear water making the impeccable holiday destination. With each island having its own unique activities and specialties, every part of Micronesia becomes a place not to be missed.

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