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The Federated States Of Micronesia is a group of four island groups. Several tourists from all over the world visit this magnificent island for a perfect vacation gateway. The several islands of Micronesia are known for its amazing and beautiful beaches. Apart from various tourist attractions, the Federated States Of Micronesia is known for its rich cultural heritage.

Culture And Tradition Of Beach Paradise

Tourists often call Micronesia as a beach paradise as you can find some of the beautiful beaches in the world. The four island groups of Federated State Of Micronesia is known for its unique culture and tradition. People of Micronesia give more importance to the extended family. Christianity is practiced by most of the people in Micronesia. You can find some of the popular churches of various denominations in these wonderful islands.

Several foreign countries like Japan, Spain, and Germany ruled Micronesia in the ancient days. The Japanese rule extended until 1930, and thus you can find many older adults of Micronesia speaking fluent Japanese.

Federated State Of Micronesia-Perfect Tourist Attraction

Micronesia is a cluster of about nearly 607 small islands of the Pacific region. The total land cover area of Micronesia is only 700 km2 with a very less population. Palikir and Kolonia Of Pohnpei Island is the most popular city. Phonepei island is a famous tourist attraction. You can visit the pepper farm, eel farm in this populous island. The village of Kapinga is known for its traditional handicrafts.

One of the most favorite activities of tourists in Micronesia is snorkeling and diving. Underwater sight is of colorful reefs, rare fishes and shipwrecks are a treat to tourists.

The above serves as a perfect tourist guide for people who visit Micronesia for the first time.

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