Some Interesting Facts About Micronesia

Beetle Nuts Chewing

The Federated States Of Micronesia is a group of several islands of Pacific Ocean. This island is located between the Philippines and Hawaii. The FSM of Micronesia is formed by four states, including Chuuk, Phonpei, Yap, and Kosrae. People get attracted to this island for its beauty and various adventurous activities. The following are some of the exciting facts about Micronesia.

Federated States Of Micronesia- Significance

Micronesia is a cluster of magnificent islands which is of great tourist importance. You can witness some of the most amazing and beautiful beaches across the shoreline of Micronesia. It is a less populated and remote island, and it is the least visited country which makes it a popular tourist attraction.

Interesting Facts On Micronesia

The following are some of the interesting facts that you must know about Micronesia

Local Newspaper Runs Fortnightly: In Micronesia, there is a single newspaper running called the Kaselehile Press. This newspaper is available only once in fifteen days. It is the only fortnight local newspaper of the FSM.

Dressing Style: You can find the woman of Micronesia dressed in a unique dressing style. You can witness woman dancing topless wearing coconut bras and grass skirts. Women welcome tourists with a traditional dance at the airport.

Diverse and Small: Several inhabitants belong to this small landscape of Micronesia. You can also find various ethnic groups of Pacific and Asian origin. The population of FSM is less but includes diverse people of different traditions and practices.

Beetle Nuts Chewing: People of FSM chew beetle nuts, and this is evident from the red splashes all around the state of Micronesia. This practice has made the teeth of the people of FSM stained. This makes this beautiful island look unpleasant.

Dive Wreck Capital: Chuuk is a wreck driving capital as you can find numerous shipwrecks under the water. It is a famous underwater museum in the world.

The above are some of the interesting facts on Micronesia.

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