Acclaimed as the Perfect Spot for Island Wedding by Top Wedding Event Organisers

The islands in the stretch of Pacific Ocean welcome the tourists with a never-ending list of pleasantries like calm blue seas, beaches, vegetation, tranquillity, valued heritage and culture and serene atmosphere. The holiday trip to these islands will rejuvenate the senses,and many Wedding Event Management companies suggest Micronesia as a perfect spot for destination weddings. To know more about the islands and for a complete travel itinerary, please click on the link

Kosrae is the second largest island of Micronesia and is popularly known as the Sleeping Lady. The high mountain ranges, picturesque valleys between the rivers, lush tropical forests and the tall volcanic peaks are worth a visit. This island is famous for adventure sports like sailing and diving. Its blue-green waters, the impeccable shoreline, tropical climate and refreshing air make this island a jewel. It is one of the best holiday destinations in the world.

Chuuk & Nauru Islands – Tops the list of Wedding Planners

Bride’s Kayaking Coastal Experience arranged by Professional Wedding Event PlannerChuuk
This is a group of small islands. Moving from one island to the other by kayaking is a beautiful experience. There is a lot of vegetation that attracts the migratory birds. Flora and fauna here are quite enchanting especially the orchids. The terrain is rugged,and there are coral reefs full of fish. The lagoon here has a shipwreck that dates back to World War II. This island is famous for windsurfing and sailing.

The views from this island are spectacular,and the population here is less. The people here are warm and welcoming. Nature here is capturing. The highlights of this island are shipwrecks, tropical weather, scuba diving, a variety of plant and animal species, deep sea fishing and deep cliffs full of greenery.

Kiribati & Palau why they are the best for WeddingsBeautiful Bride and Groom at Sunset in Green Nature planned by Wedding Event Planners.

Kiribati consists of 33 islands grouped into sets of three. The population here sustain on handicrafts,and these islands are famous for its dance form. The wedding tradition here is rich and rustic. People live in peace and harmony and build houses of natural materials only. Fishing, scuba diving,and bird watching activities are famous here. The turquoise blue waters here engulf the minds of visitors with peace.

This island is known as the island of magical wonders. It consists of almost 200 small islands. The sceneries here are capturing,and the waters are turquoise blue like the others. This island is noted for fun activities like beach weddings, hiking, diving, snorkeling, kayaking,and biking,etc.

Event Planners recommend these Islands for Cultural Weddings

Elephant Entry of Bride and Groom like our Ancient Culture designed by Wedding Event Organizer.Yap
This island is known for its heritage and ancient culture. It is a blend of histories and modernity. If you want the best experience of diving into the deep blue waters, then Yap is the perfect place . Other than that, this island also offers a view of stone money, war wrecks, white beaches, dance forms, exuberant flora and fauna and kind, hospitable people. Kayaking and deep-sea fishing are also noted here.

This is the capital state of Micronesia. The scuba diving here is of world-class standards. The drink Sakau is available only here. This place is known for its misty mountains, exotic species of plants and animals, waterfalls, adventure sports and plushy vegetation.


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