Amazing Adventure, Fun & Music – Trip To South Sea Island, Fiji

South Sea Islands are one of the beautiful and amazing treasures in the entire world. Surrounded by coral reef, crystal clear water and thousands of colourful tropical fishes, this is indeed a paradise on Earth.

South Sea Islands are considered as the gem of Fiji due to its peppered palm tree, coral lagoon. Lots of fun and entertainment options are available are available on this island including water sports, swimming pool, sailing and kayaking. And everything is available free of cost.

Some fact about the South Sea Island Fiji

Enjoy The Magic of Underwater
You can explore the mysterious depths of the sea with hours of snorkelling, or you can stay onboard as a passenger on the semi-submersible coral viewer. Diving underwater is mainly focused on viewing the beautiful reef formation and colourful fishes. Also, you can explore sunken shipwrecks and see lots of hard coral.

Enjoy Rich South Sea Island Fiji culture
Music is considered to be an important part of Fijian rich culture. They always give the Meke performance which is the combination of traditional song and dance through symbolic movement to conjure the legends, spirits, love stories and history of Fiji. You will have a chance to see this Meke performance in almost every resort in Fiji.

Half/Full Day Cruise
Cruise facility is available to explore the beautiful South Sea Island Fiji. The island is 30 min away from Denarau, so you can enjoy every activity on the island and can also meet friendly Fijian people ashore.

Explore Fiji Water Doing Kayaking
Are you interested in Kayaking? Many resorts here in South Sea Island offers kayak hire. Kayaking is an exciting way of exploring the island lagoons while soaking in the sun and water along with amazing coral and colorful fish view.

Island Massage & Spa
You are visiting South Sea, Fiji for one main purpose- to relax. So what would be the better than getting a special massage treatment and opting for a spa facility to soothe your nerves and relax? Following are the few benefits of spa provided by Fijian therapeutic massages:
Disengagement from tensions and stress
Allows the body to regenerate and slow down
Body toxins are removed by stimulating lymphatic system
Helps in relieving chronic pain like arthritis
Heat treatment is given to enhance blood circulation
Skin is polished, and cell regeneration are promoted by body exfoliating treatment
Body wraps are used to re-charging the body with elements and nutrients.

Spa treatment has been an amazing experience for many tourists, with many commenting that the level of service is equivalent to that experienced in spas like Riverday Spa, The Raven Spa, Golden Door Elysia, etc.

According to South Sea Island, Fiji is an amazing place to explore the life of corals and beautiful beaches along with lots of adventure and cultural fun. As the island is very small, you can see the sunrise in one part of the island and later on the same day you can walk to the other side to see the sunset. So as it has a very limited capacity, booking to this island need to be planned well in advance!

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  1. It was a perfect vacation destinaiton and my family enjoyed a lot in the beautiful island

  2. We enjoyed witnessing the reef formation and colourful fishes underground

  3. My family enjoye the music trip organized in the resort at the island

  4. You should not miss out the exciting experience of kayaking and sailing in the seas of the island

  5. We enjoyed kayaking in the island of Fiji. Do not miss out this water sport at the South Sea Island

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