Add An Indian Element To Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings when planned right can turn into a fairy-tale wedding for the bride and groom as well as all the guests. However, getting it right does take a bit of balancing as there are several requirements to be factored in. In case you plan to have an Indian wedding theme for your destination wedding, the list of requirements is definitely going to get longer. No need to start hyperventilating, it’s easy enough to plan if you start getting everything in order from the time the date is set. Paradise Island is an often sought after destination to hold weddings, given its idyllic location and natural beauty.

Tips To Plan An Indian Themed Destination Wedding

  • Look for the best deals
    Every destination has a peak season and an off season. If you plan on having your wedding during the peak season, everything is going to cost you more, from the accommodation to the travel arrangements. You can try to save a bit of money by trying to fix your wedding dates towards the end of the peak season. This can help you get discounts and even complimentary vouchers if you play it right. People getting married often evoke a lot of feel good emotion.
  • Look For Travel Packages
    Rather than booking individual tickets for each member of the wedding party, try to find a travel package for large groups. Check online to find the best travel routes and book accordingly. Your wedding will be all the more fun when you are surrounded by friends and family.
  • Look For Local Venues At Paradise Island
    Most people who plan destination weddings tend to make the mistake of staying at the hotel for the entire time since the venues are all at the hotel. Having a destination wedding gives you and your wedding party to take in the local sights. So use this to your advantage and do a little bit of research to find the ideal location to have an Indian wedding. If you manage to find a spot that has a historical reference, it will be even more fun.

Hire A Indian Service Providers In Advance

  • Book Indian Priest For An Ethnic Indian Wedding / Soulful Indian Wedding

IF you plan to have a traditional wedding, an Indian priest plays a big role in it. So ensure that you have already booked an Indian priest in advance to avoid rushing about to find one at the last minute. Usually, the concierge or the staff at your hotel can help point you in the right direction to find an Indian priest.

  • Get A Native Look and Feel With Indian Attire and Makeup

Costumes can be picked from some top designers like The Fair Lady Designer from Diadem Bridal Gowns, Chennai, Vivek Karunakaran from Chennai and so on.Look of the Indian bride is a reflection of the Indian tradition. The costume, hair-do, makeup and everything has to be considered with more attention, as anything can go wrong in the last minute. Go for a trial with costume, hair and make-up before hand so that you don’t have to worry about all this on the D-day. Hire some of the best bridal makeup artists like Skulpt Makeup Bar from Chennai, Bridal Braids from Bangalore. They will get you to glow flawlessly on your wedding.

  • Shop For The Wedding Trinkets On the Mainland

Once you have the dates finalized, then comes organizing your wedding trousseau. It is better to pick out everything you will need from the mainland, as everything is going to be more expensive on the island. You can even have them delivered to the Island if you want to avoid carrying a lot of luggage while traveling.

  •  Incorporate The Destination Vibe With The Indian Theme

You can have the best of both worlds by having a destination wedding with plenty of Indian elements added to it. For example, you can have your mandap setup on the beach as the priest chants the sacred verses. This way you get to enjoy every aspect of the wedding.

Advice From The Best Venue Decorators
According to the floral decoration experts, no Indian themed wedding is complete without spectacular floral decorations. You can find plenty of florist shops on Paradise Island who will be willing to create unique floral decorations for your wedding. You can get them to incorporate the wedding theme by showing them pictures of what you are looking for. This is one of the reasons why planning ahead is always a good thing. It gives the florists also time to plan and execute the decorations beautifully. Sometimes they might even need to order for special flowers, to get an Indian look.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you get to marry your soulmate. Be it at the beach, the hotel or even by the pool side, love is all that matters. As you exchange your vows with one another surrounded by family and friends, the warmth you feel at that moment will last forever as you look back at your wedding memories.

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